Monday, October 09, 2006

They have chewy feet too, for the whole delicious hoof and mouth experience

Brown Dog is of a not so common breed. So a few a weeks ago when the crazy dog lady* in our neighboring neighborhood approached me with her always damp looking fuzzy white sweater and correctly called labeled him a Plott Hound, I was quite surprised.

I wasn’t surprised, though, to find out she read all about it in Dog Fancy. And I am ashamed to admit that I spent a considerable amount of a Saturday driving around to bookstores looking for a copy only to find a two-page article on our noble and extremely stinky breed of dog. It was a tremendously wasted day.

I was equally unimpressed with their other cover stories - Italian Greyhounds, this summer’s tick forecast and the new adventures of canoeing with your dog – but it wasn’t until Friday that I felt ripped off. No where in the article about the year’s new animal treats did it mention cow snouts.

Cow Snout – the new and disgusting chew craze for refined dogs everywhere.

*There are actually two crazy dog ladies in our neighborhood and they duel it out each week at the dog park for the title of most deranged. Here I'm referring to the one who first smeared her pet's feces on the other woman’s shirt.

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