Tuesday, October 17, 2006

and getting paid for it

The Ottobar is a decent place to hang... I think. It's Baltimore, so beers are $3 max and people wear sweats to shows, lifestyle choices I can really appreciate. The sound system seemed decent, and pretty good stage views. Once everyone stopped smoking though, you really could smell the undiluted bleach. Rotten swimming pool stee.

Awkwardville River ("nobody calls us that anymore") was excellent as per usj, although my sole complaint is those boys never do play "Dead Dog Song" live, which I can only imagine as being RAUCOUS and excellent and wonderful live. Someday, perhaps.

Highlights included an onstage OR shoutout to Pygs; gleaning a few insider nuggets about OR's future- nuggets which were strictly awesome and kind of insane; a great catchup with someone who could practically be considered a friend now instead of just a somewhat-distant-kindof-spousal-relative, ANNNND I think we invited ourselves down to Austin for SxSW next year. Partying with rockstars! 17-year olds seeking autographed drumsticks after an evening of copious onstage flirt sessions! Watching x-handed girls be pwned by club management! Sign me up!

Did I mention $3 beers? I miss those heady days of early/mid-twenties, back when all my cronies lived in Charm City and I spent every night/wee early weekend morning sweating it out on the hardwood floors of rowhouses built for dwarves.

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