Friday, October 13, 2006

and you will be paid $30 a day

So I've apologized to Chris Carrabba, thinking that would work, but higher powers were all "WRONG, SUCKER!" and lo-n-behold: I have jury duty.

Karma, you are kicking my ass lately.

So, in an effort to appease the gods, I extend my sincerest apologies also to Late Night Shots people, because I have been making fun of them and their gallon-o-milk guzzling fearless leader a lot lately (techno and 80's people, it's just been so easy). Apparently Mr. Landry must have some sort of cosmic connection with That Which Controls My Universe.


tom said...

don't surrender. this is a Miltonian/Pullmanic type situation. there is only one acceptable option.

The Governess said...

am I to assume you think I'm Pullman??????

tom said...

nah, I'm ignorantly lumping the two together. my point is just that if the LNS people are the ones pulling the strings for this particular universe, it's time to say "fuck off, universe"

the Nabob said...

Bill Pullman?