Friday, October 06, 2006

Vitamin S

I’ve been wrestling with this because it cuts awful close to the quick. The G wants to be all over it, threatening to post something unless I do.

Just about every kid who read comics tried their hand at drawing, tracing or coloring them. I did. It’s the only reason I can even remotely draw anything today. But around the time girls come into focus the whole comic book thing should have been dropped.

I found this site by accident and I won’t link to it. From what I can tell it’s run by a guy who paints his own versions of comic book characters and then tries to sell them. He features most of the famous heroes – Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine – battling their way through thick paint and low-grade canvas.

Being a curious guy I wanted to know what a $300 dollar painting of Thor fighting the Silver Surfer looked like. Turns out it looks like crap. All of them look like crap. And while I guessed most of the content before I clicked on the link I was unsure of “Romo.”

Could he have meant ROM the below average, early 80s Marvel Space Night? No. He meant Romo.

Behold former professional football player Bill Romanowski*, in full pads, preparing to battle a giant stallion with fire for a mane.

Yours for the low, low price of $425. So awesome.

*Romanowski was a notoriously dirt player. In looking up elements that never made it into this post, I found a wiki-article on groin attacks. It is incredibly unentertaining considering the subject matter.


The Governess said...

i love this painting.

Drew said...

Oh wow, I went out and found the his site. I think that's the end of the Internet right there.

Fletch said...

How does he choose to depict Romo in his far inferior Raiders days? Does this "painter" hate the 49ers and the Broncos?