Monday, October 30, 2006

BD in the news

50 phone calls later and several comments during brunch, and we can now report the answer is yes: we saw yesterday's paper. Specifically the Post magazine. Specifically, Gene Weingarten has gone out and got hisself a female Brown Dog.

The article was cute, etc, blah blah, whatever. Yes, this breed is particularly hillbilly. Yes, they are insanely loud. Yes, they are needy. Mr. Weingarten will also soon find out that this breed needs a hearty helping of wicker in their diet, so it's not a good idea to leave baskets around. Also plastic bags. Also trashcans. Really, if you are thinking of a Plott, just empty your house entirely of furnishings now and save the money. Think of yourself a proponent of the clean, modern aesthetic. Scandanavian and shit.

Anyways, it's always nice to hear of another of only a handful of people that own these ridiculous stinkbombs.

The accompanying illustration was funny, because that was exactly our plans for BD's Halloween costume. Til he ate the hat, leaving straw all over the guest room floor, which we did not bother to clean up for a few days. Weeks.

S-n-K, after trying on our soon-to-be-donned bridesmaids dresses: "It's like changing in a manger."

This, people, is why we don't have parties any more.

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Anonymous said...

"Ridiculous stinkbombs" made me laugh out loud.

Murphy is showing some of those traits -- she'll snork up any shit she encounters on a walk, including but not limited to actual shit.

But she does not seem to be a house wrecker at all. No interest in the furniture. So far.