Thursday, April 27, 2006

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(I'm not DRUNK persay, but I definitely was at a business dinner conversing mostly about technical journals (and a little bit about how hot "Judy" from "Lost in Space" was????) for the past few hours. So if none of this makes sense, well: suck it???)

The weather today? Movie-script perfecto. ROMANTIC COMEDY perfecto. Also, I got a chance to attend a highly-produced luncheon with Chris Anderson, Wired editor, as the keynote. (semi-fascinating career path and GW alum, lookitup.) Other details: Chicken: overcooked, risotto: good times, fruit tarte: subpar, ice tea: flowing.

CA's speech was short and sweet, like most half-decent keynotes are. Most of it, esp. as a younger-ish audience member, was flat common sense - this "long tail" theory of his is something people have been talking about for a few years now (high quality product provided "wide and shallow") - he's just been able to reformat and brand the whole thing, packaging it neatly with a pretty scalloped ribbon into a scrapbook. Whatever you think of his writing/his publication/his business theories - I've ended up preordering it, so I guess you win, Chris. Clever!

The most awesome part of the speech was watching the 50 n 60 n grandpa-aged-something year old radio antenna manufacturers squint to read such presentation gems as: Slide #2- featuring a photo of NSync, Slide #16- titled "WTF???", Slide #16 or so- taken up by a DFW quote, and slide #- I dunno, 25? which mentioned MySpace, Wikipedia, and blogs. Like to have made steam escape from many an ear, and heads implode into mushy gray and green matter. OMG it was just like - too cool for school or whatever.

A billion related links are out there, for just about any industry or subject you can dream. the book related blog:

So, lets all hold hands and start a book club - we'll discuss, in seers depth, that market we're all missing as we try n shill future products. Get back to me, we'll meet a 'burb Starbucks on Sunday mornings or something.

I just reread all this and realized how bitter I sound. All apologies, Chris Anderson. I'm sure yr brilliant face-to-face, but right now all I'm facing is an early morning in the hotel business center faxing dumb shit I should have taken care of days ago. Also being stared at, cause I will so so so so still be wearing my PJs. (And, Re: said PJs: If you were # 65 on the St. Albans football team prior to 1999 or so, call me. I have been wearing yr teeshirt like I am yr high school girlfriend for YEARS now. It is extremely soft and awesome, and I bought it at the Glebe Road Goodwill.)

(local news update: I know. YES. KFedz, Britz, the gang. Crying ensuing poolside. No, I didn't make it to the show. Popozao will have to wait til Oh Seven.)

Oh my god, I am so going to bed. Here's the recap, in case none of the above made sense: I saw Chris Anderson talk today. Britney's in town. I own a strange former high school football players teeshirt. I am still here in Vegas. That's all you really didn't need to know. Nevermind me, go listen to "Sampson." Regina Spektor is kind of like if Kate Bush ate Norah Jones. And then ate Bjork. I either really dig it, or I hate it. Help me decide, lunatics!

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rock_ninja said...

Begin to Hope is too Lilith Fair-y. Soviet Kitsch is brilliant, though.