Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The UVA one blows extra hard

Marvel Comics presents What if… How I Met Your Mother if these had existed 15 years ago...

Kids, I paid for college by installing air conditioners during the summer. It was hard and honest, good strong American labor. The kind I expect you to do in a few years. One day we got a work order to install a custom Maryland Fear the Turtle outdoor compressor unit for some crazy woman way out in Faraway, Virginia. While I was cutting the copper tubing I looked up and was startled to see cow chewing its cud about 20 feet from us. The beast stared at us for a few minutes before rambling off into the neighbor’s yard. About ten minutes later a 12 year old boy came running by and asked if we had seen a cow. We pointed west and the kid followed chase. I went to tell the crazy woman about the incident but a pretty girl answered the door instead. Various pleasantries were exchanged and ten years later we were married. That pretty girl was your mother.
Internets, parts of that story are very much true. Parts are pure fiction. The only part that I can directly prove is that you can buy custom made college themed air conditioners.

And perhaps that my mother-in-law is a little bit crazy.


Drew said...

The best part of that air conditioner site is the two guys with the face paint. I love that their salespitch is essentially "Are you the kind of idiot that paints their face before a sporting event? Well then we've got an air conditioner unit for you!"

I think they need to work out a marketing deal with the people who sell these videos, because they're chasing the same market.

I should go tell my dad about the Terp AC unit, I bet he would be interested.

The Governess said...

the part of the story that's not true is where you state "a little bit crazy." we all know that the correct term is "batshit insane oh my god i'm going to be just like her aren't I? AREN'T I."

Kriston said...

Uh, the best part of the air-condition site is how it's a total hoax that obviously didn't watch the Rose Bowl if they're going to feature USC and not Texas.