Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The are Huge Fans of the Parliamentarianist and Miltary Leader

A few years back my cousin had a little, tiny, adorable son. Since no one in my family can exist without a nickname, his first name was bastardized and we all welcomed T-Bone into this cold world. Being the awesomely hip cousins and cousins-in-law that we are got him a kicking shirt from Neighborhoodies.

But now more cousins are having more babies and there are silent assumptions that they deserve shirts as well. And since we have never feared being awesome we will oblige. Probs is we got no ideas. T-Bone was easy. One was born last month and there is a third one on the way.

We need your help. We dont want to be two kids behind.

The new one's name is Oliver. I keep getting stuck on a little hoodie that just says “Closeoff” in big, block letters.



tom said...

How about something with the kid's name and a stencil of Oliver Platt's enormous disgusting head? I bet the parents would love that.

Otherwise, I think your current idea is pretty good.

The Governess said...

oooh. i second the platt idea.

also, i would like to remind you, tehre are standards here at PIAB. I demand a black bar across the eyes, to shield this youngster from certain cewebrity.

the Nabob said...

true. if we didn't have standards we'd be no better than Oliver Platt.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's just as cute as the Dickens.

The Deceiver said...

Dude: kid's gots to be rockin' the hoodie thusly: "Yo: Oliver Wendell, homes."

The Governess said...

ooooh. i like that better than just the plain and simple "TWIST."