Thursday, April 06, 2006

elementary rhymes/disco hits/the "also" entry

Here is where you'd find an appropriate blog post: let's play pretend. Let's all pretend I didn't get a ticket this morning, and life isn't one big knock-knock joke.

In related news, remember the Hamscapade thing from a week or so back? This morning, I placed an order for 10 rubber chickens from Archie McPhee. On my work cc. You so sweat my career, holmes.

Also anyways, I'm working on a doozy of a post that will pretty much fry bloggers little insides with it's searing emotional verbage. It's gonna be epic. It's gonna take me months.

Otherwise, in case yr curious, a list of random crap in my browser history:

- one
- two
- I had a friend in high school who's TT shirt I coveted with much teen...uh.... covetness. What's been up in the world of TT since '94, I asked myself?

Also, after watching the Early Show this morning, I'm pretty convinced I have an eye fungus.

Also, sometime soon, remind me to tell you about my unhealthy fascination with Easter decorations. Weird, I know. I think it has something to do with bunnies. I really like bunnies.

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