Friday, April 07, 2006

rat school confidential


Art School Confidential trailer. If this isn't good, I'll be kind of sad.


Wall of Sound Fest. I once had a conversation with someone in the Death Ray Davies (I think his name was Mike?) about the Justice League, San Antonio, and Old 97s. He was a really nice guy.


This is not req. reading, but:

the next time you spot two kind of rumpled blondes couplesing around the grocery store at 10 o'clock at night and you see that the female has seen a spaghetti squash, one of her favorite vegetables that she still can't cook correctly, but loves because its gloopy innards fascinate her and bring out her inner 10-year-old-pumpkin carving self, pls. to remind her that these thing are giant fucking pains in the ass, and she almost cuts off her thumb every time she attempts to prepare them, and that also. Also, hi, internets, are you still paying attention? Also I she will probably forget to scoop out the innards BEFORE she cooks them, so it's not only hard to cut, but also disastrous to a specific level, one where I am she will still be picking strands of squash OFF HER CEILING two days later. The squash strands, btw, were hanging from oily spots on the ceiling. Caused by the Nabob's attempt at fried ice cream.

Seriously? Our kitchen is starting to remind me of something. Why a nice casserole just won't do is beyond me.


How much am I enjoying daylight savings, or WHAT. Enough that I'm staying up late every night like it's a right or something, pretending ike it's already summer vacation. Yes, today is rainy, but in the last few days popsicles n leather sandals have been broken out, and I bought an actual dress last night, something I don't usually do until the therm hits at least 70 on a regular basis. If I lived in Iceland or something, you'd never see me. I'd hole up under my covers for my entire life, sad and depressed and the weak sun. Dude, and I'm a Viking. The universe's most weak and pathetic Viking.

5. My friend MJ , dispatching from the hard streets of Apex/Cary, has recently found a book of Communist Worker Jokes.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Chicken? There is no chicken. Only bread and milk.

Three men—one Mexican, one Polish, and one English—are lost in the desert. The Mexican man is carrying a bottle of water. The Englishman is carrying an umbrella. The Polish man is carrying a car door. The Mexican man says, "I have this water for when I get thirsty." The Englishman says, "I have this umbrella for when the sun gets too hot." The Polish man says, "I did not expect a desert to be in my Five-Year Plan."

Q: What's the first thing a blonde does in the morning?
A: Gives thanks to Our Glorious Leader and then goes to her job at a factory.

More later as he continues reading.

* * *

OH! one other update, I think I own a Nano now. With a WARRANTY. More as the tale unfolds.

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