Sunday, April 23, 2006


the intern working for me while I'm here in LV? Trains BLACK BEARS TO WALK ON LEASHES in his spare time. He's not even a local, they flew him in.

also, i was just at the Stardust, current home of Debbie Reynolds, who I thought had died, but she's still fine, so you can all rest well now.

okay, more later, bye.


the Nabob said...

bears on leashes.

Why must you turn this site into a blog of lies?

Jeff said...

Debbie Reynolds is dead, but that's what's so great about Vegas. They merely created an animatronic representation of her using Carrie Fisher's body mold and a DNA sample from Debbie's heavily banged cervix.

The Governess said...

i do not lie. Also, he teaches them tricks, like "SMILE"

its awesome