Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So much oozing hate, yo. So, there's sitting involved. And like: a weird junior-highschoolish stage. And sound issues, at times.

Reasons I secretly love DAR Constitution Hall:

1. The first time I ever went to DAR was on a date. It was 1993. I saw Tears for Fears Elemental tour, I wore Birkenstocks (w. socks), and the opening band (wait for it): Jellyfish (I THINK.) I still have that teeshirt, and it. is. awesome. I do clearly recall that the boyfriend lost his wallet that night, and some dude in Maryland called him up and returned it the next day, all money/ID/single Shell Gas credit card his dad had given him perfectly intact. Also, I wore the shirt to school the next day, and a kid I hardly knew complemented me on it, an we became fast friends until graduation and college (me)/joining the Air Force-slash-getting into rockabilly intervened (him).*

2. The N and I once saw BB King and Clarence Carter there. We sat kind of near Marion Barry. If I recall, he was sweaty. Also, it's the only venue in which I've witnessed Sonic Youth. Although Marion wasn't there for that show. UNFORT!

3. I'm legacy, dammit. No seriously, I am. Hilarious, I know. It's like Viking boinked** good ol US of A hillbilly, and this is what you get. If Pygs participated in memes at all, that might be one of my "6 weird things you don't know about me."

Oh, nevermind, no it wouldn't.

Post yr fondest DAR memories below, if they exist. DARE YOU.

(* Then he got manhandled by campus cops at GMU for a little demonstrating. You may have heard about it on the streets.)

(** word i do not employ nearly enough)


Drew said...

The reunited Pixies was my first concert there and the fulfillment of my high school dreams. I thought FF was pretty great last night. Death Cab, not so much.

The Deceiver said...

Word. I can't hate on DARCH. DARCH has been vetty vetty good to me over the years. Including last night. And yes, Pixies/TV on the Radio last year. I had, like fourth row tickets for Tori on her Strange Little Girls tour, which was great. Plus a million billion shows from HS.

Oh. And Jellyfish? Baby's Coming Best. Was this blog sent from the future to save our planet? Sometimes I think so. Next thing I know, you'll tell me that you had "Three Strange Days" by School of Fish on your fave mixtape from '91.

Drew said...

School of Fish?! For a moment there, I was sitting in chem class in Columbia, MD, rocking my knock-off Walkman all over again.

And yeah, like you, I was fortunate enough to get TV on the Radio as an opening act and not the Datsuns.

TUL said...

Pixies was my first show there as well, and probably still the best one I've seen at DAR (there wasn't any sitting that evening... well, sans for The Bennies, they were truly beyond awful)

The Governess said...

Okay, "no" on the School of Fish thing, but who didn't love "3 strang days?" Underrated. Sluight tangent/back to Jellyfish: I do take full responsibility for turning on my Zeppelin-loving Jersey-princess freshman year roommate to Jason Falkner all because of a live bootleg tape of a post-JF solo concert of his where he discusses in GREAT DETAIL Moncheechees with his audience.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

My best DAR memory was seeing Smashing Pumpkins there in 1998, with James and D'Arcy and the whole crew, and they played Bowie's Let's Dance in the encore, and it was awesome.

rcr said...

I saw both Oysterhead and Primus there. So I'm thankful for that. I remember at Oysterhead I watched some 18 year old kid's eyes roll into the back of his head as he fell to the floor like a brick. Don't eat the brown acid, son.

Oh, and the other thing about DCFC/FF the other night, by the end of the show it was really muggy in there. Too many dancing sweaty preteens. They need ventilation.

Matt said...

I don't think I could properly appreciate a rock show at DAR; too many HS graduation flashbacks. Pomp & Circumstance would keep running through my head, I'd be looking (in vain) for beach balls flying through the air, etc.