Monday, April 10, 2006

the truth about andy

Spent all morning Saturday avoiding the Great Home De-mess and uploading songs-n-bits onto the new Nano.* I hibernated in the basement and took a few clear, detached looks around. And now, I am considering a yard sale - is anyone interested? A blogger yardsale? Is that possible?

A half-painted Ikea chair, meant as a baby gift for a child now over a year old? 8000 million CDs, and 75,000 tapes, many of them created my freshman year of college by my old roommate Rob, and containing 7x the reccommended daily allowance of Red House Painters? Lots and lots and lots of unecessary Star Wars figurines that will maybe someday "pay for my children's college education," if certain people are to be believed? Gift wrap?

I have a thing with gift wrap. I cannot throw away bows, even ones that have been re-used several times and are bent and cut and ugly. It's almost as weird as my Easter decoration-thing, and my fear of claymation. Almost, not quite.

Other things: Friday, we were drunk on terrible margaritas and even worse Mexican food when we saw this guy and his friend, and yelled at him down the street. You are lucky you could not get a seat there, guy, it was pretty crappy. Additionally, I apologize to the certainly very kind ladies who were taking surveys on recycling or something outside the Shirlington bookstore. It's true, I usually hate being asked to take surveys, but I was in the middle of a conversation, and confused, and so I did not mean to so rudely brush you off/totally ignore you, to the point where I'm pretty sure one of you muttered "bitch" under your breath, which is fine, cause it was kind of bitchy of me, but I usually (usually) am not quite as bitchy if you get to know me. So, sorry about that. I got over my own rudeness about 30 minutes later via terrible Megarita-thing, I'm hoping you got over my rudeness too.

I got good phone calls and text messages this weekend, too. Drunk friends getting kicked out of bars for starting popcorn fights, and then giving out OTHER friends numbers after participating in "you got served"-style dance offs in Ocean City "clubs" named something like "seacrets" or whatever? Hilarity.

Also: Why was I not warned that "A History of Violence" was so ridiculously terrible? The eve started off so wonderfully with Elevation Burger, and then ended in a snoozefest on the couch.

Anyways, despite all my proclomations of things being "terrible" this weekend, it was lovely out, I took walks and went to the park, and cleaned my house a little, and now all I have to do is get my car emissions inspected before the Commonwealth slaps another ticket on my windshield, and then homies, we are set.

* I have forgotten the ways of the Pod People. This morning, I was standing in the lobby waiting for the elevator, completely absorbed in Podness, watching CNN on the new lobby big screen (The headline: "GOSSIP SCANDAL") and some very nice lawyer was holding the elevator door forme, and trying to get my media-soaked attention, and when I finally looked around and snapped-to, I had to yell over The Coral, "OH THANKS!" and the entire lobby stared. the end.

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Ms Smith said...

Oh Governess,
We are well over any and all rudeness we received Friday – lots of people blew us off! Just wish us luck on the two more days we have to do this survey – it is really hard work. The three of us promised ourselves to be nicer to survey people we come across in the future.
Only 19 days until we turn the darn project in. . . this is the ticket to us earning our Master’s degrees.
The Three Survey-ers