Tuesday, September 19, 2006

related, i'm looking for someone to adopt me

I don't even know where to start with this one: my cousin is having her wedding reception at a LASER TAG / MOONBOUNCE place.

More as this story develops.

* * *

Advice requested: do I try and see Shearwater @ BC tonight after beer drinking, or do I got home and get sleep?


Drew said...

I've attended a wedding that featured a moonbounce before and I can say that there is a 100% probability of great photos of the bridal party in the moonbounce.

The Ghost of Gordon Sumner said...

That Shearwater was some good stuff. Never heard of them before, but I was impressed.

The Governess said...

it's okkervil river's will sheff & jon meiburg, so i think i'd naturally be a fan. never seen them live though. kind of sorry I missed it, but i hope they come back and i'll catch them the next time.