Friday, September 29, 2006

now I've been smiling lately/thinking about the good things to come

1. In excellent hereditary news, my father has decided to give a big Cash-esque middle finger to arthritis and degenerative disc disease, hop himsef' up on a perfectly pleasant Vicodin/Percocet/whatever cocktail, and sit his ass on that red-eye to Rome. This is wonderful news in a variety of ways - one, he gets to leave the country for the first time (okay - Canada, Mexico, and Vietnam probably count, but follow my reasoning here. He won't be actively part of a war, nor will he be passed out in a tattoo parlor with his roommates during an extended cross-continent motorcycle trip.) My mother has stopped crying. Their millionth anniversary will be celebrated. Plane tickets will not go to waste. All is right in the world.

Well, until he comes back from this vacation, and gets put into traction, and has another neurosurgery consultation. But whatever, fuck it! Ciao bella!

2. Sigh. Zitty faced brats I used to babysit? Now all cute, all tattooed, and all running screamo bands.

I wore mom jeans to work today. Hot.

3. Pitchfork reviews "Boys n Girls" today. Or, stream the entire album.

Um- also. Popbytes offers Junior Vasquez's remake of Dolly Parton's cover of Cat Steven's Peace Train. What? Right, I can't follow it either. Also, hi trance music. Go away.

4. Went to the Renn Faire. Saw the Renn Faire. Experienced the Renn Faire. Check Flickr. It was fucking awesome. It was all worth it just to hear the Mortal Combat-style screams of this one particular kid, a little boy dressed as a Viking who was so ADD and hopped up on Ye Olde Fried Ice Cream and Merry Maiden Cotton Candy he could barely get through the Fayregrounds without his head exploding from delight.

Also, back cleavage.

* * *

PS, people: no more memes. Memes are hard! We can't even remember what we brought to work today for lunch, let alone a book that has changed our lives. We'll get to it, eventually.

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