Friday, September 01, 2006

How we love to lie around/Girls with tans of golden brown


Media overload! This song here, this vid here, this aKinsellapolothology here.


Weekend. We've kidnapped the editor of DCist. Back when we damn well feel like it.


Sommer said...

I look forward to being mistreated by the PIABs.

Also, I believe this should require some sort of comment from y'all.

The Governess said...

Oooooooh! I smell a new subhead!

“They used to be like a joke,” said Ms. Blum, the party planner. “But everyone takes them seriously now.”

The Deceiver said...

Waaaah! Bring her back!

Actually, wouldn't "Kidnapped by PIABs" be like, the greatest DCist feature EVER? Like, every month, a lucky winner would be grabbed from their home/busstop/rehab clinic and whisked away for a weekend of whimsy.

It's be like: a day of darning socks or doing life masks or staging the musical version of that Viking Boat Burning.

oooh! I want to darn socks, now!

gwadzilla said...

the beach was a solid book

the map is a metaphor for the Lonely Planet books

I agree

it is sad to see the Girls Gone Wild culture going any further than Cancun or Jamaica

the movie..

it was okay

as far as Titanic goes
I do not know
I live in a Titanic free household
no Titanic will be played while I am around