Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Believe me, I have more important things to do today than laugh and clap my hands

The G has hinted at it but now we can confirm it. The Pyggies are going on their longest vacation of the year, starting tomorrow. 4 whole fucking days. But this one is a doozy.

This weekend trip is based on a wedding in Ann Arbor on Saturday of an old high school friend. The “plan” to get to the wedding is founded on the fact that my other high school friend just turned 30 and wants to do something out of character and wildly complicated.

7 of us will rent a van tomorrow morning and drive to Cleveland where we will see the Indians play at the Jake. The next morning, after visiting to the Rock n Roll HOF, we continue to Detroit to see the Tigers at their new Stadium. After the game, we will RON in Ann Arbor. Saturday we have wedding shenanigans. Sunday morning, at some terrible time, we arise and travel to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates at their new home. Then back home to Fentytown.

This, potentially, will be a disaster. There has already been one crisis as those responsible for getting our rooms for tomorrow night did not try until today. I don’t know what rodeo or tire festival is going on in Cleveland on Thursday but that town is chock ‘o’ block. I think the hotel we were finally able to book is in Akron. Also, there maybe some personality tensions as we drive. And a husband and wife wearing matching, Parrot-head-based outfits. And terrible, incredibly bad music.

Mother fucker, this will be a calamity.

The site will probably be silent for a few days. But there will be plenty to share on our return. And maybe even during.

And I owe you some anyway. I’m using this public declaration as motivation to get off my ass and write. In the next two weeks, if there are no new entries on the following, please give me shit:
  • My attempt to understand gender specific Russian candy and the advertising campaign behind it
  • My trek to a tiny Texas town to secure very specific cola recipe
  • My cousin’s new baby’s name and the potentially terrible story behind its conception (the name, not the baby)
  • My email exchange with the city about an insect infestation’s effect on the crime emergency
  • My attempt to make a plaster replica of my hands
See you next week.

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