Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Palace of Wonders

The good parts about Showbar include super awesome friendly bartenders, (unconfirmed tattooed with John Wilkes Boothe), Bud in bottle, boater hats, pirate-themed-bar-smalltalk, arm wrestling, and no. crowds. at. all. Tuesdays are the new Thursdays are the new.... fuck it. I like drinking on Tuesdays, the end.

Actually, K. and I were the only ones there for a bit, and once the D showed up with a recently procured copy of Flowers in the Attic,* for me, dude, we were set for a night of cuddling & reading the "dirty" scenes & political ranting like you've never born witness to.

You want to proclaim love for your city, do it, but then leave NW for a smoke break or something. I know it's hard, but you will be rewarded with stuffed goaticorns and and other lovelies @ Showbar (from the Dime museum collection in Charm City). Double bonus- I parked right outside for free, and it only took me 15 minutes to drive home. Or take a cab from Union Sta. Whatever.

Unfortunately there were not enough chicks to start arm-wrasslin contests, although we did get an invite to do carbombs with strangers. Next time.

- - -

* More on this: so, it's been a long few summers spent talking big game about rehashing our old VC Andrews habits, and the D. finally was more action than talk and went out and bought the whole DAMN DOLLANGANGER SERIES for like, a buck fitty. Unfortunately, the books do not come with the snazzy die-cut paperback covers** anymore (shame.) Fortunately, I have a new bar trick: reciting from memory all novel series family trees ***. I'm starting work on it now, so the next time you see me, challenge me.

** I still say my theory holds true: the more color purple used in the cover design, the dirtier the book. See: Dawn.

*** "Fake marriage." So awesome.


Boutros said...

Those books are so disgustingly awesome. Romance, incest, and angry, abusive grandmothers, all deliciously entwined.

Drew said...

I visited PoW last Friday after going to the Red and the Black to see RRR, and was surprised how empty the place was on a weekend night. The popcorn was good and the bartenders did not get annoyed when I played 5 Jesus and Mary Chain songs on the jukebox in a row, which is always a plus.