Wednesday, September 20, 2006

let's do this thing

So, along with the dog hair sweaters, I've been doing some in-depth VC Andrews research, specifically on her estate's hired replacement- a guy in a golf shirt who kept the VC dream alive after her death.

I don't think you are adaquately prepared for this level of awesome, Internet:

"BLOOD CHILD, Berkley Books: "Dana and Harlan Hamilton, a couple in their late thirties, are about to have their first child, but the baby dies in the delivery room. Harlan presents his wife with an alternative: adopt a baby just born to an unwed teenager. The girl's family is anxious for the adoption, especially when the girl's mother learns Dana was going to breast feed. Dana does become infatuated with the infant and they take the child home. At home it is Harlan's teenage sister Colleen, who first discovers something unusual about the child. However, Dana, who is more and more possessed by the child is angry at her for making any suggestions and Colleen's boyfriend thinks she's crazy. Colleen invites her religious friend Audra to the house to see the baby and Audra's ostentatious cross causes the baby to become hysterical, but no one thinks anything of it. Dana's mother arrives to help with the baby, but Dana is so possessive, she even resents her own mother. One night her mother disappears. Colleen discovers Dana's mother's body in the woodshed, drained of blood. She faints and she is taken to the hospital. When she tells her brother what she saw, he goes back and finds nothing. A nurse arrives to help Dana with the infant. Dana's new doctor recommended her. The nurse begins to dominate the house and even seduces Harlan. After Colleen's friend Audra disappears, too, one night, Colleen goes searching for her and discovers a coven of vampires. In the resolution, Audra saves Colleen, even though Audra's been turned into a vampire. Harlan realizes the danger Dana is in and returns to the house just in time, but the nurse and the baby are gone. They're out there!"

Andrew Neiderman, I think I might be in love with you.

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