Thursday, September 28, 2006

crush me in the crowds/I'll be in the clouds

Small things:

1. Bedrock is the smokiest fucking bar in the universe.
2. Catching up with old friends via cell late at night, patching up old wounds/much-needed apologies: retardedly awesome.
3. My entire house smelling like Sweet Baby Rays barbeque sauce /my dog breaking vases/wood chips in our garbage disposal (the hell???): not so retardedly awesome
4. Movies by friends: totally retardedly awesome
5. And, as pointed out by Catherine- Renaissance Festivals?: BEYOND RETARDEDLY AWESOME. Pics from this upcoming weekend surely to follow.

That is really all that’s going down lately. Oh, well, except for the fact that the N. and I couldn’t remember the definition of the word “creed” the other day and had to come home and look it up; and also, we’re currently in a heated debate over who gets to blog about a certain subject first. It involves comics. It is ALSO RETARDEDLY AWESOME.

How many times can I use the non-word “retardedly”? Lots, it appears.

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