Wednesday, September 13, 2006

potential, covered in ass prints


Please to be helping a poor young lass, destined to 16+ hours in a family Econovan listening to "Don't Stop Believing" or maybe "Piano Man" or if I'm lucky, reallllly lucky, and God showers down upon me a little joy during this time of bleakness, "I'm on Fire." What does one need to update her IPod with for maximum survivality?

Desparate in Fentyville

* * *

There is no way I am going to pull off a 10/2 HS show in Baltimore. BLOWS.

* * *

Joe Francis: fucking idiot.

* * *

In other news, my co. website is extremely fucked thanks to your truly, who knows jack shit about IT but winged her way through her interviews for this job with a sassy flip of hair/wrist and a cheerful "I can learn!" School's apparently in.

So, if I don't talk to anyone until next week, here's some advice: go to the DCist thing tomorrow night because that will probably be fun. Have a nice weekend. And for gods sake, try not to kill anything.

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