Monday, September 18, 2006

or cruxshadows

say you are me, and you are running the crazy out of your dog before your admittedly embarrassing CBS programs stories start, and you run by what appears to be some sort of Alexandria Trash Day, although it is clearly night. And there are the craziest paintings, (straight up high-school-sophomore-experimenting- with-an-Accutane/LSD/Type O Negative-cocktail) you've ever seen, propped against a light pole. And you take a photo of them with your camera phone.

so, how do you get pictures off your camera phone? i hate this fucking thing.

Also, #1: no joke, someone in my neighborhood has christmas trees up in the living room. Lit. Freals.

Also, #2: "Wife Swap" tonight? There is a set of parents who have "dropped out of society to raise their kids as pirates." I did not mishear this.

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rock_ninja said...

A. Another great reason to resent my parents, since I was NOT raised as a pirate.

B. Very apropos for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.