Friday, September 08, 2006

career path

Sometimes I spend my Friday afternoons printing off job applications to become a park ranger. There is an opening on the GW Parkway that is right up my alley, unfortunately, the pay cut would probably cripple my rabid t-shirt habit.

This is all far less worrisome then a few months ago, where I filled out applications to become a notary public, just because I thought owning a really cool seal in a velvet pouch might be fun. *

- - -

Related to all this spew, LJG quit her job today to go in to the moonshine business. So hip hip hooray for all being right in the world. If you want to, you can probably find me somewhere on the streets of yr nations cap tonigh; drinking in celebration, drinking in the love.

* (no.... no... yes.)


Sommer said...

Excellent news. I've been looking for a reliable moonshine dealer. Will be out drinking a bit myself, give me a buzz if you feel like it...

rock_ninja said...

I'm going to become a notary public just because I think it'll make a great party trick. When you say "duly noted" it'll have real gravitas.

And the seal!