Thursday, September 21, 2006

i love comment boards

I really really promised myself I was going to ignore this whole Maxim thing, just because it's the dumbest thing ever, EVER. But then:
This is an awesome discussion and us folks over at really appreciate it. The one thing some of you peeps are missing, though, is it's "Least Appealing" not "Least Attractive," and that's a big distinction. Almost all of these women are brilliant and very lovely. (Except Nancy Grace. We truly hate her.) But the bulk of these women remind us of mom or our sisters, as opposed to someone that exudes sex like most TV personalities are paid to do. Example: We'd love to hang and drink with Calamity Jane, but that's where the night would end. Regardless, keep talking and we'll be sure to come up with more stuff to make you hate us even more that we hate Nancy Grace.
-- Posted by: Editors

Dear Maxim Editors:

Shut up.

The Entire Fucking World

wow most of you are narrow.

i have a master's degree. drink expensive wine. have manners. never watch sports on tv.

and read maxim occasionally. it's funny. or at least used to be, it's gone downhill. but if it offends you, or think only louts read it, get a life. who wants to be with people who take things so seriously?
-- Posted by: sigh

Whattup Sigh!

You are the funniest thing I read on the internet today and I would really like to talk about pulling together an NBC pilot for next season that just stars you, your bottle of expensive wine, and your masters degree.

I'm not kidding, you're a riot.


It was really just kind of hard to stay up-in-arms and gyrl-power-bent after that, I was giggling too hard. Like ponies with rainbow streamers fo rhair had actually run right through my office.

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