Friday, September 22, 2006

Joey McNoface

WOXY is dead. Long live WOXY.

My favorite online radio station is no more. It seems they succumbed to the high costs of trying to operate only over the internets without the needed advertising revenue. Alas.

WOXY had been around since the early 80s and was consistently rated one of the best independent and college stations in the country. (Their slogan "97X - Bam! - The Future of Rock & Roll” was uttered by Dustin Hoffman in Rainman and that clip was re-used as their station break) The original owners, to whom I am somehow related through my mother’s cousin, sold the place in 2004 and it had been struggling to stay afloat ever since. They powered down last Friday.

Since graduating from my own college DJing gig, WOXY was my prime source for new and good music. Every year they would play out their top 500 altenative hits of all time. I downloaded all of them and gave the CDs out as gifts. Most of the song’s currently in my l’il iPod were ones I first heard on WOXY. You could here them through iTunes but now the link just plays sad silence.

I now recommend KEXP. You can hear them online and through iTunes as well. They’re pretty similar but skew play a little more AAA. I’ve heard Dylan, Bowie and Snow Patrol in the last few hours. Not bad


Speaking of Bowie, we went to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame last Friday morning before driving to Detroit to see the Tigers. In respect to the section displaying the various performance and video costumes, it was interesting to note that only the David Bowie mannequins bore any resemblance to their real life counterparts. Sure the “Tina Turner” had great legs and the “Christina Aguilera” was the size of a “Kid Sister” doll but no other one’s captured the artist’s entire essence like Bowie’s. They were extra glammy.

Oh, and all the N’ Sync mannequins had the same generically blank eyes, nose, mouth except Joey Fatone who’s had no features at all. It was just a void, slightly under-sized head. Maybe it was really the most accurate one of all.


And speaking a Fatone, I like how Joey says that his sitcom with Lance Bass is still in the works for the Veronica Mars channel but now that Lance has come out the only option left for him is to play a gay character...
Obviously the tables have turned now that Lance said he's gay. So, he'll be homosexual on the show. It's like ``The Odd Couple." It will be like a man's ``Will & Grace."
Wait. So Joey will play Grace and Lance will play a queer Felix? I’m not sure the public will watch that. He’s basically saying that Lance is such a bad performer that he can’t even act his way out of a gay paper bag.


The Governess said...

eh, snow patrol.

The Governess said...

ps. that's big talk for a dude who did not sit through "On The Line," like I did.

Drew said...

Looks like WOXY may be coming back for another go:

Drew said...

It's alive: