Monday, November 28, 2005

young n wyld n free

How it all went down:

1. Thanksgiving was the aces. The family has a tendency to pick up collegiate orphans all over the Mid-Atlantic and tease them into the back of their cars with snacks. This year, two adorable twenty-something grad students with hair like Sweet Valley High characters and awesome sweaters climbed into my Honda and traveled with us over the James River and through some woods, to my cousins house we go. The Pasadenan and a Chicagoan, who live upstairs from my younger bro’s mansionish-for-no-rent apartment, graced us with not only their presence, but also a cheese plate. (Way to my family’s heart: dairy.) I wasn’t the only one immediately smitten- these girls knew HAND JIVES. (Way to my six year old girl cousins heart: hand jives.) Also, there were two turkeys. Also, I kicked ass once again at Pictionary.

Unfortunately, the family footrace, originated in the late 80’s between my brother and my cousin, (now a mom in her forties, but still holding high school track records in the state of Michigan) was skipped this year. Lots of people are having MRIs on their knees in upcoming weeks.

My brother made my parents stay overnight in the capital of the Commonwealth just so they could all watch Hands on a Hard Body the next morning over coffee.

2. I pretty much was a hermit for the rest of my four days off, but I got some shopping accomplished, and some drinking accomplished, and my hair highlited, and then there was Friday night. (refer to #3)

3. Okay, so if I were to relate one story from the high school reunion I attended (I was +guest), I think it would be (beyond the fact that everyone was so demolished we were all lucky to be standing erect by 2 in the morning?), the one kid who looked me in the face and said “NO ONE HERE KNOWS WHO I AM” and then I said “me neither, but I didn’t go to school here” and then he said “I’m into swinging nowadays.”

Like I said, the past few days: aces.

4. Fucking Capital File!!!! How do you even exist, seriously?????


Ethan Wiggum said...

I am still looking for the Wilson's recap.

The Governess said...

keep waiting. I stayed at home Wednesday night.

I did, however, hit that shit on Friday night. LIKE AT 130 AM. It was a debauchle. I was drunk. And wearing a skirt. And I took out-of-towners. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETNESS.