Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Moon over Moosonee

A while back, when Evite first came online (and before I developed an irrational dislike for them) one was drafted for an event that ultimately never happened. (Kid’s Choice Awards party) Since everyone already knew where I lived (parents) I thought it would be humorous to list the location as some remote faraway backwater. A few minutes of Mapquesting landed me in the down of Moosonee, a little town in the backyard of Canada. I went as far as finding the phone number of the town’s Chinese restaurant and actually called them for the day’s specials. It wasn’t really a prank as I was sincerely interested in what they’d been serving, except when they asked if I would like to order, I panicked and hung up. I was never good at prank calls.

Yes, yes, all in good fun, I’m so hilarious.

But in the years since, Moosonee has occupied a fond little spot in the greyest of my grey matter. But the town’s website has been removed or is under construction or some such nonsense. So in a way to make up for a perceived wrong, here’s my little tribute to a town that was once the butt of a lame joke that I never told. Perhaps one day I’ll make the trek and have a tasty Chinese dinner.

But first, I would be remissed to mention the website of Paul Lantz who seems to have spent much of the past few years chronicling the town’s goings-on. He takes some pretty beautiful shots and it’s also a good place to start for a little history of the place.

This is a picture he took yesterday. Frigid yet beautifu, like LJG.

And much more!

There doesn’t seem to be a website for the Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Board but I would like to suggest a slogan for the town. I think Moosonee is Moosoneat! would be one that Urban Outfitters could really run with. Cuz making fun of Utah is so retro.


The Governess said...

What you are telling me here is: you just go transferred to Moosonee, didn't you?

the Nabob said...

I wish. said...

I'm from Moosonee, and I am stealing the word moosoneat . Glad to hear that random people visit our little town in their imaginations! You should make a trek up here, it's pretty interesting.

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Anonymous said...

There has not been a chinese restaurant in Moosonee for many years which is really too bad. Most Fridays Northern Stores has chinese food plates but it is not the same thing. There are a couple of restaurants here but they do not usually service chinese food.

-missing Chinese food in Moosonee