Monday, November 07, 2005


Okay, I am a complete moron. Last night, there was an Elliptical Machine incident, resulting in me dropping the Honorable Reverend Bellewether Smacklesford (my Ipod). I've dropped it many times before, but this time, that stupid slut Karma decided it should hit a metal support-thingy on the machine.

Good news: it still plays just fine. Bad news: The screen is cracked to holy hell, so you can't see anything on it.

Questions, geekies: Can I get this fixed? Can I get this fixed and not lose any of my music? I mean, I could just back it all up and then re-load it if necessary, but I'm lazy.


tom said...

Looks like these guys will do it for $150 or so. You *totally* have to get the color screen modification, though (see bottom).

Alternately, buy the part from these guys (you'll have to email them for help figuring out which one) and get the repair guide from here. Craigslist says you should be able to get this done for $70, but it's not for the electronically squeamish. I'd go with option A (or a new ipod) unless you own a soldering iron or a dremel. Not that you'd need either, but they sort of set the tone.

If it still plays music the hard drive is probably fine. You shouldn't have to worry about losing your data.

The Governess said...

oh, you are the best. yeah, the hard drive seems to be just fine. It's the screen that's totally demolished.

I'll look into these. Thanks, Tom.

The Governess said...

btw, I am not. doing. this. myself. I don't even know what a dreidel is. I mean dremel. Whatever.

gwadzilla said...

just see if you can play it on shuffle
and well
you can still change and alter your contents in iTunes

I am cheap
my screen is flawed
I deal with it
not sure if I want to spend any more money on an iPOD