Tuesday, November 08, 2005

so heads down thumbs up

- okay

- okay, two

- hilarious, via Lindsayism

* * *

Remember, internets: tonight- movie- email for details.

* * *

Nothing else much. Besides breaking the everliving shit out of the Reverend, it's been a pretty good day. I voted. The toddlers at the church preschool were out in their little fenced babycage area for lunch, and they were rolling down the hill like kids do, on their sides, arms crossed tightly across their chests. Except they kept rolling into each other, and it was turning into this giant baby boulder, tumbling tumbling tumbling.

Anyways, here's my dog. He is awesome. He kind of smells like a goat today.


tom said...

It's a good-looking dog. But for some reason I sense that he may be a dog of weak moral fiber, one who's easily swayed by doggy peer pressure. Maybe it's just the stories of black dog's influence that're coloring my perception.

The Governess said...

All beauty, no brains. Easily swayed. You are correct on all accounts.