Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesdays are the new Thursdays, which used to be Saturdays.

Not Making Sense Edition:

1. Holy something. Love holy but wow blarrrr ENGLISH HARD.

(Fangirl note: I swoon at the songs:ohia owl. How retarded would it be for me to get a William Schaff tattoo? Totally out of character.)

Reminder: Nov. 14. Me, there, bells on, up in front of the annoying wall at Iota. Blonde. Tallish. Will be seeing you.*

2. The answer to the last question is "retire." I'm sure about that one. Also, I think she met Carl in a laundromat.

3. Kind of cool.

4. Kind of not cool, but in a cool kind of way. Oy, shut up. You totally know what I mean.

5. I just got an email w/ pic from my friend Mike, who went as the Verizon "can you hear me now" guy for Halloween? It was spooky/uncanny.

6. (Can I wear green Wellingtons to a wedding? Is this uncouth?)

* * *

I'm going to eat grilled cheese tonight at GH. L'chiam and stuff to newbies who don't change my old standbyes. Thanks, Lary. It would be hard to put out the search beacon for new NoVa cheez haunts. I'm lazy. I do not have my shit together to head downtown. HARD.

* I Am Cute: When I reminded the Nabob that Okkervil was playing on the 14th, he asked who was oopening and I said "Charles Mann." The correct answer is, of course, Charles Bissell.


the Nabob said...


I don't know if I consider confusing the lead singer or the Wrens and the 'Skins all-pro De as "cute"

Let's go with "riled"

The Governess said...

i say cute. adorable, even.