Tuesday, November 29, 2005

do with this info as you see fit.

I really, really hate ranch dressing on salad.

Also, ranch dressing smells disgusting.


tom said...

Agreed. Its only approved use: pizza crust.

Sommer said...

Preach on, sister g.

What bothers me most is the people who put ranch dressing on everything. I have a friend from Philly who orders a side of ranch just on principle, even when she's getting like, a bowl of grapes or something. Creepy.

The Governess said...

i am related to someone like that.

and share an office with someone like that.

for example, there is no need to use ranch, say, on scrambled eggs.

ranch is a vile offense.

Fletch said...

I used to love ranch as a kid, but even I was a little weirded out when I lived in California. Those wacky folks put ranch on everything: pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets, you name it.

the Nabob said...

I had a fat college roommate who loved that goo. He tried to lose weight by having a salad each night but would top it with three of those Caprice Sun size sacs of ranch dressing. After a week I started gagging whenever I caught a whiff. He began sweating the stuff.

After a couple of weeks I made when cut back to two packs. That first day, I took one away from him and put it in my jacket pocket. But it was neglected and during oceanography the next morning it ruptured. Smelling that junk in my pocket for an hour was a horrid torture.

Plus, I hate the Hidden valley commercial where the dressing is described as "jazzy-pizazzy"

The Governess said...

Caprice Sun is my favorite housemate on the Surreal Life.