Thursday, November 03, 2005

BYOB/Young American

With a move to a new office, and less time at home around noonish every day to do anything than pick up hound dog poo, I've been making my lunch and bringing it to my desk. Okay, in all honesty, having someone else in the house make my lunch for me, so I can bring it back to my desk. I am lazy. (Option #3 has been simply munching on whatever crackers happen to be in my file cabinet, grabbing a few carrot sticks from the communcal fridge, drinking coffee all day, and crossing my fingers on that whole nutrition thing. In return, my metabolism has effectively raised two giant middle fingers in a sweet punk-rock-fuck-you salute. So, this is quickly becoming no longer an option. In the year 2026, this blog will devolve into nothing more than dieting tips and bitching about daycare?? and it will have holograms!)

okay no it won't.)

But FYI, the past few days, I've become slightly obsessed with bento box lunches. Adorable tiny snacks for lunch! This is something I can really get behind! It involves small pieces of food in a huge ADD variety, and complete impracticality. That's so hot. But not the corresponding "Hello Kitty" obsession with some of these people on the internet. Not so hot. For the most part, though, I could get into the food. And the separated food compartment plates, like cafeteria trays from elementary school. (PS Teachers: note: If someone could please score me some cafeteria trays from an elementary school, I'd be so psyched. Seafoam green ones.)

Yes, all that stuff. Good. That and Japanese housewife skills.

Thigs Bento:

- Bento on Flickr
- Bento How-to
- Bento Photo Blog
- Google Images: Bento
- BBB (buy bento boxes)

* * *

Another thing, completely unrelated:

Jen Magazine

* * *

Okay. Back to googling "Japanese Housewife."

PS. Yes, I read the Maureen Dowd "What's A Modern Girl to Do?" piece. I'm kind of stumped at where to begin????????


the Nabob said...

I don't get it. Are these Japanses TV dinners? Reading is hard.

Though, I could get behind having two lunches...

Hayaben (早弁), literally "quick bento", is eating a bento before lunch, and having another lunch afterward.

and the word verification for this comment... it's like 20 letters long: pchkwtwuptkwch

The Governess said...

I heard "pchkwtwuptkwch" is Blogese for "box lunch."