Friday, November 04, 2005

You lose, Williams

Looks like I can continue to keep the snow tire chains on my SUV and tear up the District's streets without the fear of a commuter tax. Enjoy your potholes DC, I'm going back to the burbs!

Thanks Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. You're aces!
WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal appeals court has ruled that Congress has the right to prevent the D-C government from imposing a commuter tax.
The U-S Court of Appeals for D-C ruled that "it is beyond question that the Constitution grants Congress exclusive authority to govern the District."
The opinion was written by Judge John Roberts, who is now Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
A lower court judge last year dismissed the suit brought by more than 30 plaintiffs including Mayor Tony Williams and the D-C Council. They tried to overturn a federal law banning the city from taxing the estimated half (m) million people who work in D-C but live elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

oh that damn Constitution always gets in the way doesn't it?

gwadzilla said...


I thought there could be some good backlash from such a tax

not just generating revenue

but people car pooling and taking alternative transportation

you know
like riding a bike