Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Last Dance with Mary Jane

... suffering from chocolate poisoning... sweating nugget... guh...

All the left-over candy has been brought in and deposited about 10 feet from me. I resisted so well for the first 20 minutes. But now... blaargh...feel so gross.

But I haven't been able to find the person who brought in the bag of Mary Janes - the worst Halloween candy ever squirted through a tube. (Or however they evilly concoct it)


As a kiddie, given the option of the lady that gave out May Janes and the man that gave out little Bibles, I would gladly sit through 10 minutes of how Zillah beget Tubalcain. (Though, the best house was the lady that let you take two handfuls of pennies. Me, "68 mother fucking cents! Hell yeah!" Dad: "Great, more God Damn pennies." Mom: "Shhh! The bible house guy can hear you blaspheming.") I can't even remember what they exactly taste like other than bad. And I'm not willing to try it now. Not even for a highly scientific website like this.

Speaking of science, extensive Mary Jane research resulted in this...

The hanger indicates it may be life-size. Halloween 2006 costume, we have a front runner.


Directed toward our neighbors: just because we live in the suburbs doesn't mean we are (or should be) insulated from minorities. As several dog walkers met on the sidewalk last night, well past the Bob da Builders' and Dora da Explorers' bed times, I heard some quality subtle racism. What's the with the complaints of kids being driven in by their parents to walk through our 'hood? The only families I saw doing this were Hispanic and there were about 6 total children. Were you so dangerously low on candy that you had to object?

We live in a neighborhood of 140 houses with perhaps 12 kids and 10 of them are toddlers and are too young to go out. If someone wants to drive their kid from a not-so-nice area to our Community Flower Landscaping Award winning neighborhood, then I got no problem.


The Governess said...

ref: today's DCist comments.

I think those kids were Dutch-German. AND MADE ADORABLE PRINCESSES, either way.

tom said...

Well sure, when your heritage involves two colonial powers you'll naturally have a talent for depicting ruthless despots.

Anyway, I think the Mary Jane taste sensation is honey and peanut butter. It's not so bad when you consider that it was probably intended to build character.