Friday, November 18, 2005

dear bird floo: suck it

- When Vin Deisel jumps in the ocean, he does not get wet. The ocean gets Vin instead.

- In case you were planning on dressing like a bagpipe for your holiday office party.

* * *

Update: Still sick.

Travelling southward tomorrow for the fifth annual Fakesgiving, in which my posse makes and consumes enough food to transform into human Macy's parade floats, and drinks twice as much as we eat. I'll also be partaking in (very cold) football spectating, and annoying the everliving be-effing-jesus out of my compadres with constant sniffling. My voice is hilarious - I kind of sound like a 3-year old boy. I'm also eating* with my mouth open so I can breathe at the same time. Wicked.

I'll have more to blogggg on and on about in upcoming weeks. Right now, I'm working on transcribing the D's roving reporter update from the VIP room at Cavalia (which I may have to start a whole new blog for); and the N's small-but-significant rant re: the copy of Capital File currently sitting on our dining room table. (I've found two major typos in it without even trying. And that is nothing to do with actual content.)

More teasers for you- the next few months gives the Blanketed Pyggie: extended family time due to 2 major holidays, a high school reunion, more Capital File, and a partridge in a blog tree. It be overflowin, the content potential.

* Is there anything better than office-baby-shower food for lunch? My diet today has consisted of chocolate cake, Pepsi, chips, and a cookie. In five minutes I'll be bouncing off the walls, only to fall into a deep sugar coma five minutes after that. I totes feel yr pain.

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