Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The piano has been drinking/not me, not me

Tonight is America's biggest bar night of the year, or so I've heard. Upon reflection, I believe this statement true- every year, I spend this night at a bar. A bar I hate with much passion. A bar I patronize only once a year: this very night, the night before Thanksgiving. There's reasoning behind this, which I won't get into.

This year, however, is different. A break from tradition. No reason to go to said bar terrible. Happiness n joylarity. Which begs the question, dear readers: What am I doing tonight that will still allow me to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow morning? Clocks: a tickin, times: a wastin. Suggestions welcome.


Misc. Shit:

- I find Laura Veirs new album, Year of Meteors, particularly interesting, and usually this kind of music I find particularly UNinteresting. I think a Playskool-brand xylophone might be involved. Unconfirmed. Anyhoos, like "Galaxies." Yes.

- Footwear Graffiti.

- Holiday (wave poster) present (bird banner tee) ideas (in black) are (yes) everywhere, (zombies!) yo*. (Kidding, kind of, but I do need black boots. Electronic-mail if you've found some with a mid-high block heel [not spike] that look /feel decent. Bonus points if you've actually tried them on, have narrow heels with weird bone-spur things, and find them walkable. Basically, bonus points if you have my feet.)

- Your source for all Cash/Ostrich info: According to sources (named Shannon), the only thing that saved Mr. Cash from that ostrich was his large belt buckle. This, I did not know.


(* comment from Zappos customer: "So sexy!! These shoes are so sexy!!! They really accommodate nice thick legs.")

blinkblink. yawn. more later.


Kathryn Is So Over said...

You've been called out! Sorry.

skateboardingmom said...

Very random:) So do you get wasted at this bar, or just go for the heck of it?

tom said...

It's starting to dawn on me that I have to get on a 6AM bus tomorrow. Tonight, I think, is going to be sort of low-key. Friends getting together, watching Lost and Veronica Mars. Some booze, maybe some Karaoke Revolution. The crazy wild partying can wait till Friday.

Also: thank you very much for the Cash/ostrich info.

The Governess said...

Lost. I totally forgot about Lost. How?????? Well, fuck it then, I know exactly what I'm doing tonight.

Lady Jane Grey said...

Damn. Lost has once again stolen my drinking partner. I think I'll hole up with some High Life, then. G, I'm avoiding my local bar like the plague. I promise. However, I am making you hang out with me Saturday night, hell or high water!