Wednesday, November 09, 2005

shambolic performances

I grew up with lots of Mormons. I have been on several awkward dates with Mormons. After college, I briefly moved to a geographic locale composed 98% or so of LDS. I have been to a Mormon wedding (not in temple, natch), a Mormon funeral, and too many Mormon HS stake dances to count. I owned a BYU sweatshirt, and have read Under the Banner of Heaven.

I don't know why I just told you all that.

Oh! This. According to the Internet, the best quote from the movie "New York Doll" is from David Johansen: "And now the man who after this is going to sing some songs at the children's hospital to cheer them up... Morrissey." (via blurbomat)

I'm looking forward to seeing this. Even though I still haven't seen this, which I once predicted I'd be first in line for. Oops. Rock films, why do I sleep on you.

(PS: SHANNON GETS IT!!! Imagine me doing a slit-the-throat motion with my finger right now. Actually, I'm not sure, but a girl can dream. It'd be like junior high revenge on all those girls you knew in 6th grade PE. You knew the Shannons. You did.)


another shannon said...

for one moment I was thinking oh come on, yes I probably was in your 6th grade gym class but I wasn't evil. I had a perm and wore batman tshirts. then I remembered that I am not the only person named shannon on the plant. the end.

another shannon again said...

plant, planet whatever

The Governess said...

I mean Shannons as in: character study. Not Shannons as in: name.

PS You totally did not play volleytennis with me in 6th grade.