Thursday, November 03, 2005

crown and seven

Man alives, is it ever going to be hard to blog today, what with ROYALTY (!!!!!!!!!) in town-n-all. I just don't know what I could ever write about that would....

okay, so when Princess Diana was tragically killed? It was, I think, the last weekend of my singledom. I was wearing cutoffs, and was attending a basement party (at a fraternity?), drinking skanky keg beer with guys in hemp necklaces. I went with a girl named Jen, who was big into showtunes and sleeping with frat guys in hemp necklaces who threw parties in basements. And the "dj" (probably a sophomore econ major named Seth, decked out in County Seat stripey-sweaters, but that's just a best guess: I give it a 92% chance I'm right on) was playing Aquarium's "Barbie Girl," (like, a PRE-RELEASE!!!) and the record screeched to a halt (okay, I'm sure it was a CD, but since I'm reliving this college memory in a movie script, let's just pretend that the typical vinyl "screech" really happened), and someone got over the loudspeaker and said "Announcement: a moment of silence, Princess Diana has just passed away."

And then everyone in the room laughed.

Because drunk college people are assholes!

The end.

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The Deceiver said...

My lede would have been, "Princess Di, does, age 34."