Friday, November 18, 2005

Terrell Owens is my Lock Of The Week. And that's a pretty big lock!

Apologies, first, to the G. because this entry is the exact opposite of what she dreamed her blog would be like when she was a little girl 206 years ago. Apologies, second, to the rest of you who don’t care about this stuff. Apologies, third, again to the G. for making her read this even though she has the bird flu. Or monkey pox. or SARS or whatever designer illness she is currently suffering through. But, I’ve got another dissatisfaction with the Post Express sports section. The guy who does the weekly fantasy football advice is plain gawd awful. It was first noticed a couple weeks back when they suggested picking Chris Simms on the weekend his team had a bye and he was playing golf and not football.

Time for a project! Here’s a breakdown on the players recommended versus their actually performance.

October 21 – Week 7
Travis Taylor/Vikings WR – 36 yards and no score
Chris Simms/Bucs QB – Did not play - Bye week

October 28 – Week 8
Mark Clayton/Raven WR – Did not Play - Injured
Josh McCown/Card QB– 140 yards, one score, one pick

Nov 4 – Week 9
Brad Johnson /Vikings QB – 136 yards and 2 scores
Nate Burlseon/Vikings WR – 2 catches, 16 yards and a score
Note: He also suggested not playing Dez White and Jeff Robinson, a player who’s had 2 catches all year and one I’ve never heard of, respectively. Sage, very sage. (Not Rosenfels)

Nov 11 – Week 10
Marc Bulger/Rams QB – 304 yards, one score, one pick
Joe Jurevicius/Seahawks WR 27 yards and no score
Note: Last week, the advice was to not start Peter Warrick, the forth ranking receiver on Seattle’s bench. Again, that seems rather obvious.

Brad Johnson had an efficient game and Bulger generally plays well with Holt in the lineup (especially when they fall behind 24-9 in the third) but other than that, this advice stinks. And the Clayton thing? It was well known that the guy was sidelined with an ankle injury. I’m no Kreskin, but based on this guy’s record, you’re better off finding other counsel for you fantasy needs.


tom said...

I haven't been following the fantasy picks, but the "Swengali" column is really awful, both in its conclusions and writing style. Sadly, we're doomed to this -- a friend pointed out to me that excellent sports coverage is one of the ways that conservative rags manage to compete against big market newspapers. And, sure enough, the Examiners sports section is excellent. So's the Washington Times'. I love the Post sports page, but let's face it -- it's mostly just a bunch of old coots (Beyer, Boswell) and folks waiting by the phone for a call from ESPN or the Style section.

Besides, if the people behind a newspaper feel they have enough authority to tell you who to marry, it seems like making fantasy picks should be a snap.

The Governess said...

is it "by," "bye", or "buy?"

PS my word verification for this entry is "sluggl." Awww. A sluggl sounds adorable.

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Anonymous said...

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