Friday, November 04, 2005

send a wrecking crew after me

- UK article listing John Peel's most treasured singles.

- Am I the only one who actually giggled when I saw that Pitchfork recently reviewed.... The Band retrospective? I was just surprised, that's all.

More reverting:

1. I spent a long time yesterday googling punk bands who are composed of kids I think I used to babysit. Their names are awesome. They are also dark and deep and SERIOUS. Hollaback, Malady. Four stars, Pygmy Lush!

2. I'm going to a high school football game tonight (! ! !), and then maybe afterwards out for pizza? Or a movie? Plans are hazy. Look for a stunning social commentary on today's youth, maybe Monday.

Nice weekends to all. Don't steal any giant animal semen on a crazy drunken whim or anything.

EDIT: Did I mention I am sporting a jacket made of hot pink suede today? Can a person be totally steamy hot and fucking ridic, all wrapped into one neat enchilada? If so, here I am.


Ethan Wiggum said...

i am refraining from making any criticism of your steamy indie enchilada-ness on the sole condition that you adopt a live-and-let-live stance towards my collar-popping, pink-and-green sporting, madras-flaunting ilk.

The Governess said...

dude. hot pink. not pastel.

worn with black.

suede and cut like a motherfucking motorcycle jacket.

not madras. not associated with madras. has never met madras. finds madras vaguely frightening.

The Duchess said...

when the hell did you get a Hot Pink suede jacket? It's like I don't even know you anymore.