Monday, May 01, 2006

blood sugar sex something

... all teen age boys --LUVVED the pairing of keidis' eroticism (ahem) with FLEAS TECHNICAL SLAPFUNKERY! Uhn! Titties on the cover and skate rock relevent of the 88-89 season. fugggh.

Teenage cognizance re: RHCP. It was at that precise moment that a certain pyginablanket member's HS boyfriend walked down the staircase pre-prom, wearing a (visible) RHCP teeshirt under a frilly-ish white prom shirt that royal we knew (I KNEW) we prob weren't ever going to be together after graduation - if we made it that long.

He played drums, kind of. He even looked like AK, kind of. He loved the RHCP with all his teenage heart and soul.

[He was big into Ice-T at that point, too, and I had just not caught up with such refined tastes yet (You can't pair a boy mostly down with rugby shirts, the Beasties, Keidis and the Ice with a girl rocking a neo-hippie Birks-n-socks fashion sensibility who rilly rilly loved the OMD retrospective and 100000 Maniacs. It just was not meant to be.) Also at the time, I was still mad about him getting buzzed in his parents basement & feeling up a girl named Sheryl with a D-cup. Also also, I had a crush on a Mormon. So we were doomed. Thhe best part of those few years of first-teen-love-dating involved our actual, final breakup - we sat in his living room (scratchy orange-n-brown tweed) and took turns, for over 3 hours, saying one great thing and one awful thing about our time together.]

For reals teen flaws, all around. Dumbest kids in the world. "Under the Bridge" still makes me awwwww like I'm watching two kittens wrestle.

ANYHOOS. The whole universe seems to be exploding with concern over a sole subject recently: Stadium Arcadium. Last night I read the Spin article (boring) and felt a certain happysadness (do you know that feeling? it's not nostalgia, it's..... something else???)- these dudes are in their 40s. They have kids. And playdates. Frusciante's track marks r covered in washable Crayola and spitup. The only one, apparently, who hasn't settled down is Keidis, who is still getting it on with 20 year old models.

In my mind I like to make-believe that that kid who taught me how to drive automatic (on a FORD ESCORT), took me to many an overrated HS dance, started wearing The Patch at 16 because I complained about him smoking, and burned down his parents garage (truth - he had a juvi parole meeting the very afternoon 15-year-old-I decided I was IN LUURV) is still playing drums, and maybe dating 20-year olds. But in reality, I know he's married with a kid, and a job in IT, and a mortgage.

So for real, who wants to come to my HS reunion with me? Only a few moe months for me to obsess about this, folks, and then it's on to a new topic.

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