Tuesday, May 23, 2006

secret shows

Last night the Nats lost, I guess. The best part of the game was walking from the Metro, where we overhead several college kids in trucker hats (?really? still??) talking about how "dude, I think Anacostia is in Maryland, not DC." They started every sentence with "dude," and not in the way that yrs truly starts every sentence with "dude." The N. looked at me and said "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" The answer was yes, and we simultaneously quiet-yelled "My DAD owns A DEALERSHIP."

We left in the 7th inning, because the wind was whipping down the Stad-Armory plains and no one had hit Biggio yet, so I was kind of disappointed. Also, I learned the N. has never turned a double-play.

* * *

Here is what my legs look like right now:

We went on a walk through the woods Sunday afternoon. My dog and his evil fucking leash of death clotheslined me. Or whatever "clotheslining" would be if it involved cathing me behind the knees.

Sunday kicks off wedding season. I'm rather looking forward to the questioning looks, the odd whispers, and somehow working in a cheerful explanation to the grandmother of the bride: "we're into whips."

* * *

Other things I am "researching:"

- One

- Two

- Three

- Four (from sweetney)

- Five. If you've seen BWG cheaper somewhere, let me know. I only have it on tape, and I think it's cheaper at this point to buy the CD then to buy songs indiv. on ITunes or something.

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