Friday, May 26, 2006

DCist: Big Night Out

Deleted Scenes:

Say I got a job as a television writer, and did a remake of "Boy Meets World.*" (We're pretending, here.) It would so very certainly star the lead singer of Deleted Scenes.

Man, I love freaked out teenagers. Especially ones who spent their formative years in their bedrooms with "Emergency & I" on repeat.

Anyhoos, this is a band I could get behind. Indeed.

Georgie James:

1. I am about to girl the fuck out on you, so you can skip this if yr so inclined: If I wore pants like that, (white, tight, and with zippers across the ass) it would looks like I had four butt cheeks. The fat roll would start, stop at the zipper, and then start again.

2. Laura B. should be famous by now. The bass player wore a jaunty cap. Someone's mom was there, taking pics, and there is nothing I like more than moms at rock shows.**

3. Also v. good. Indeed.

Blogging Peeps:

All over the freaking place.


Magic Hat.


Very sleepy.

* If I were still half-conscious, this is where I would interject several stories, the first and best being the one where a good friend of ours got in a fistfight at the Georgetown waterfront in the 90s with Ben Savage. Or something like that. Secondly, my bro just saw Topanga at a mall somewhere, FREALS. Anyways, nighty night.

** That's a lie. I like those individual Laughing Cow cheeses better. Man, those are a tasty snack.


Kathryn Is So Over said...

You guys left too early. I didn't get a chance to come over and say hi - too many bloggers in the way.

GJ rocked and LB is itsybitsy.

texas N/A said...

I was downstairs, as noted, moping, but I was way ahead of all a y'all on Laura B.

rcr said...

Funny, within 3 songs I remarked that they had a definite DPlan sound to them - glad to know I wasn't the only one thinking that.

The Deceiver said...

I meant to double back and find you after I tete-a-teted with Mike Grass. But I never found you again. It's just as well. I was all hot and fainty until I found the special cool spot where the AC blew.