Monday, May 22, 2006

join the club

Just because it’s Monday. Have I told you this one before? I feel like maybe I have:

I know I’ve at least mentioned Pony Camp before. Pony Camp was a “corporate learning seminar” I attended a few years ago on the company dime in order to further my career. I spent a good majority of my week at Pony Camp A) picking my jaw up off the floor, B) passing the Kleenex box to overly-emotional fellow attendees who considered this not so much "job enhancement" but more "group therapy," C) learning to pen cattle on a tiny horse named Chico (or maybe Chino), and D) all the while sneaking cell calls (CELL PHONES WERE NOT ALLOWED AT CAMP BTW, cell phones would get you nothing but a seat next to the counselor and diminished arts n crafts time) because I was in the process of QUITTING THE JOB THAT PAID THE GADZILLION DOLLARS TO SEND ME TO PONY CAMP because that was when I was on my way to being a Career Woman Goddamit (note capitals.)

Here’s a good mini-story-within-a-flashback: the first day of Pony Camp, our hippie instructor asked the class what they were afraid of (WRT: speaking to authority figures within the company when trying to implement a new communications strategy for either A) branding initiatives or B) employee recognition/HR programs) and a woman raised her hand and said “DEATH.”

I’m done. Happy new work week. You can go back to your desks now.

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