Monday, May 01, 2006

“Ape shit postal” is too 1990s

Time to ruin the Governess’s blog and talk about football. Again. In May.

Actually the only thing I wanted to mention was the superb hyperbole offered on the ESPN website concerning Reggie Bush being passed over by the Texans.*
"Obviously, this decision is wolf-face crazy. It's the kind of decision you make when you are drunk, and on cocaine, and on deadline, and on fire."

I love animal based hyperbole. I love any insult if the person’s appearance or action is based on an animal’s appearance or action. I love any description of anything if it’s centered on an animal. The dog-faced baboon may be the perfect animal name. But I have never heard the term “wolf-face crazy” thouh it will now be employed on a constant basis.
Unless, of course, “wolf-face” is offensive to some group I am unaware of and then I apologize for being insensitive.


I won’t talk about the Skin’s draft, either, because I honestly have no idea who they picked. Besides, they hold their draft in a time machine. Their 2006 selection occurred three years ago and they traded their picks for old QBs with spaghetti arms, a fourth rounder in 1989 and a handful of non-magical beans. It’s all free agency and salary cap flimflam for them. For example, look at the website touting the Beach Blitz, the Skin’s fan appreciation weekend that for some reason is not being held in the city that hosts the team. Almost a third of the players are pictured in the uniforms of other teams. (Of course, some of the so called “stars” for this event are also pictured in what appears to be their practice squad uniforms, not even on the active roster.)


And on the local football front, after nearly a month with rain or Resurrection delays we finally played a double header but lost both games shamefully. Especially since I was scored on by a guy in a full-out ninja outfit, including ski mask.

*For the other half of this blog, Reggie Bush is an incredible running back who may have something strange going on with money and/or his parents. It was expected he would be picked first by last year’s worst team. They picked someone taller and more wolf-packy.

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The Governess said...

i am planning on using the term "wolf-face crazy" in a staff meeting in about 5 minutes. I've been thinking about it all morning.