Monday, May 15, 2006


oh fuck it all. Uncle, already. I tried to pretend I don't watch this thing, but I can no longer tell a lie. To the total disgust of my husband, if you need to find me tonight, I'll be chained to my (DAMN IT ALL TO HELL) television, watching whiny soap-docs bitch about their love lives, and hopefully kill off some people, too.

Season Finale Fever, Catch It!

(Additionally, if anyone knows a good midday dog walker, we need one. BD is on the warpath. Thus far, only lampshades and furniture have been in his path of non-walk destruction, but I'm fearing for Captain Kissy Bear's safety.)

(Additionally 2.0, RIP Grant McLennan, who died on May 6.)


tom said...

what are we even talking about here? Grey's Anatomy? I thought that was on Sundays.

The Governess said...

yes. and it's on again tonight. for 2 hours.

i know.