Thursday, May 04, 2006

celine dion is goblin king as hell

Labyrinthitis? Awesome.

now that you mention it, the resemblance is a little eerie. (just add blond extensions.)

BAH DUM DUM. Thanks, stick around for the 11:00 show. Tip yr waiter. Etc.

(listen, lack of blogmaterial may have brought me to the "let's make fun of Celine Dion and her probably very real illness level," but at least I didn't make the mistake of thinking she was black. Life is good, work is keeping me busy. I'll see you in mid-May with posts that aren't pulled out of my ass/composed of screen shots of Pepsii Riley.)


tom said...

No need for shame. Arrested Development officially made melodramatic singers with vertigo funny forever. It's now a comedy archetype.

The Governess said...

also funny forever/not liza related: afternoon delight duets.