Friday, May 19, 2006

the media's crazy/people looking up and down

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY. My entire weekend involves hot dogs and lite beer. Hi, how are you?

* * *

I am so out of it on music, I honestly don't even know where to begin. The N bought the new Gomez? IS this the right place to start? Quick, if you are 18 and sport ironic hair and love bass lines, comfort me. I'm the one in the corner, anxiously flapping her hands like Nell or something.

I've recently started playin "Celebration Castle" on pretty heavy repeat again, but that's sooooo '05- like, TWIN CINEMA '05. What is good? What is new? Don't leave yr girl out of the scene. Don't keep yr finds secret.

In other news, Pat Arquette is on Regis right now and is looking disconcerting like Cruella DeVille, minus the trademark coat.

* * *

More other:

- excellent. tigers. yes. more.
- FFN Trailer
- Beirut + Design Plagiarism. (In other design news, much congrats to my MJ, the newest Raleigh AIGA pres. And a new homeowner, for that matter (!) (!))


The Duchess said...

I didn't realize that MJ was the AIGA pres you were talking about last night. Tell him congrats for me!

Jodasm said...

Let me return the favor for that tiny house co hookup. Go to, click on the mp3 section and download any song that looks interesting. If you find two or three songs you really like, go sign up for a trial membership at, use your 25 free downloads to get a couple new records, and then cancel your membership.

Fletch said...

I've been hooked on Rogue Wave's new album. Go listen. Then tear my musical taste to shreads.