Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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More on Season Crapale:


2. The only character I really felt any connection to at all was the dog*, and they killed him. Coincidentally, it was also the only time I teared up.

3. The Nabob: "If you are having sex in a hospital room and yr wife and honey are upstairs, then you are NOT HAVING SLO-MO SEX. YOU ARE HAVING VERY VERY VERY FAST SEX. This scene is not realistic."

4. You know what's not realistic? Prom.

5. They did use the new Gomez song. That was nice.

6. Do you think Shondaland can refocus this entire show to be about Bailey and Addison, and can everyone else becase their characters can suck it?

7. Katherine Heigl: My First Prom Barbie.

- - -

Quick, someone get me to talk about something else. I am um. A blogger who recaps TV shows. And not in a fun way.

Prom. Okay, I'm done talking about this. Who wants to go to the Grog & Tankard tonight, and witness some people try to recapture their youth via awkward conversations about touring vans? Anyone? Anyone?

(* oh my good freaking god. yes, i comprehend that the dog is not so much a SIGNIFICANT part of the series. noted. what I am saying here is that he is a BETTER OPTION to root for than some of these other characters. for me. because i talk about the little people and little dogs in the television set as if they are real entities. people. work with me here.)


Sommer said...

You know, my office is across the street from the G&T, but I have yet to set foot in the place. I could be persuaded to stop by and contribute stories of making out in touring vans, at the very least. And as I'm sure you know, making out in touring vans is always awkward.

tom said...

ah, the grog. a vital but unglamorous part of DC's music ecosystem. it's like the maggot of the washington rock scene. which wouldn't be a bad name for a club, come to think of it (although its current name is already pretty awesome).

The Governess said...

oh man. there will be a mini high school reunion thng going down b/c some trying-to-make-it-big-for-the-past-10-years guys i graduated with are in town. i might not talk at all, but if you want to stop by 830/9:00ish, please do.

Sommer, at some point, DC simply forces you go to the G&T. It's best just to give in.

Boutros said...

on the grey's stuff, YES. I had the same reaction: PROM?! Where the staff attends?! WTF.

And yes, Bailey and Addison were the only admirable characters in this finale.