Tuesday, May 30, 2006

dissatisfied 94% of the time

We went to a wedding this weekend. We did manage to set a linen napkin on fire, and also maybe some hydrangeas, but that was about it.

Best comment from the N: "I mean, sure, it was a fun reception, but it's hard to top that one wedding where I woke up at a petting zoo."

* * *

I'm like a toddler lately, learning something new every day.

Recent discoveries, Kiefer/Kevin/Christian related:

- Keifer tackles a tree.

- There is a Hollow Man 2*, starring Christian Slater.

Discoveries completely unrelated to anything but the fact that I spent 3 days of my 4-day weekend in bed:

- The kid from Home Improvement ran away to Maui to marry his 32 year old pink-haired girlfriend when he was 16. Also, to wear awesome sportscoats like yr grandpa has, and to grow a fro. Thanks, E! "Child Stars: Where Are they Now" special!

- (Related, kind of.)

- "Death Bed," courtesy the N.

Yet to discover:

- Where I can find summer clothes I will wear. Please to be explaining to me why everything is studded, glittered, pre-ripped, or otherwise adorned. And, if not studded or glittered, v. plain and simple styles but in all pastels and/or navy-n-white ensembles, making me feel as if Blaine-n-Chaz-n-I should really hop-to on organizing Yacht Day for the alums association. Also, I'm sloppy and a lazy eater and I spill. Fuck, dude, all I want are some new teeshirts. Maybe a skirt or two. Send help.

(*Worst movie I've ever seen: Hollow Man I.)

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